Koran Tempo  |  22 September 2002

Ester Natzijl [Foto Niels Walen]

The famous Dutch choreographer, Gerard Mosterd, will perform as the main performance of Gedung Kesenian Jakarta International Festival, on September 28-29 at 20:00 pm. Gerard will display his masterpiece titled Luminescent Twilight. The idea of the dance movement which is brought by male and female dancers is a form of question in inner turmoil and Gerard’s experience as an Indo child.

“I was born from Dutch father and Indonesian mother with contradictory values,” Gerard said in Jakarta last week. Luminescent Twilight motions display the philosophy values in contradiction between the East and the West which were inherent the life of this graduate Royal Conservatory The Hague choreographer.

For example about the philosophy of time. “In Indonesia, people are often late, while in the West is very tight on time,” said the man who was born in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. In one part of this one-hour duration dance piece, Gerard showed clock ticking sound for background music. He offered simple background musics. All excavated from Javanese gamelan instruments and computer processed. In the last half of the dance, Gerard inserted keroncong Moresko 1940s for background music. That records were acquired in his land of birth.

Gerard explored a lot of various elements of the Southeast Asian dance movements and  combined it with the Western dance. The source was obtained from his social intercourse with the choreographer Sardono W. Kusumo in Solo and Martinus Miroto in Yogyakarta. An art critic in the Netherlands, Mieke de Bont, once commented on the work of Gerard. “Rare is a question can be visualized very clearly on the imagination and movement,” said the critic. • telni

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