Kedaulatan Rakyat  |  11 October 2002

Luminescent Twilight

YOGYA (KR) – Senthong Seni Bangun Jiwa, Teater Garasi Yogyakarta and Mata Angin Production will present a Contemporary Dance entitled `Luminesent Twillight’ by Gerard Mosterd, a Dutch choreographer, at Sositet Building, Jl Sriwedani, Thursday-Friday (10-11/10) at 20.00. He will also conduct a workshop on Friday (11/10) 09.00-11:30 at the same place.

The producer, Erythina Baskorowati said, the contemporary dance performance ‘Luminesent Twillight’ tells about light and darkness. The choreographer, Gerard Mosterd, with the help of two skilled modern dancers (Tek Ng Vong, Esther Natzijl, one from the East, one from the West), a gamelan musician, Niels Walen, and a composer, Paul Goodman, was searching for motives and his personal passion in the art of motion.

“This contemporary dance performance is at the edge of two cultures, where contrast often leads to incomprehension, tension and even non-achievement,” said Baskarowati. This performance illustrated that many people are willing to listen. Dialogue can be created and a real meeting can occur because people hear each other. Born of a mixed marriage and its consequences this is the Gerard Mosterd’s framework in processing his works.

By processing the voltage between the two cultures, choreographers offer other possibilities of understanding the dance forms, and for a man with a background like Gerard Mosterd, this is the perfect goal to achieve. The tension between the two cultures, Baskorowati said, is the central theme in this performance. In the world of the arts in the Netherlands this is important since the Ministry of Culture supports the cultural encounters of different backgrounds. For Gerard Mosterd, this is an important topic either as an individual or as a professional dancer.

Baskorowati added, after his international dancing career, he decided to return to his home country to focus on the development of dance works in which he would combine Western and non-Western concepts in dance and theater. “He regularly visits Indonesia and often works together with dancers, musicians and choreographers from Indonesia,” he said.

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