Jawa Pos  |  16 October 2002

EAST and West in a dark and light room. It is shown by the Dutch choreographer Gerard Mosterd in theatre dance performance of Luminiscent Twilight at Cak Durasim Festival (FCD) III, last night. For more than an hour, Gerard explored the contrast between dark and light to tell his concept about the Western and the Eastern cultures.

Besides lighting setting which was worked very seriously, Gerard used two dancers as a depiction of the West and East world. So was the music, gamelan with electronic music accents. Began with rebab frictions with two circles of light on the floor to break the stage silence . Then, Teck Von Ng, the Vietnamnese dancer who was bare-chested black pant, appeared. Stood up, let some part of his shoulder in bright light. Suddenly, the Dutch dancer Esther Natzijl passed quickly behind him. Then, they performed separately movements. Teck gentle movements, in contrast to the dynamic Esther. The motions of these two dancers accompanied by gamelan music – bonang, gender, gambang – who was beaten by Niels Walen, equipped with the composition of electronic music by Paul Goodman.   (ani)

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