Straits Times  |  29 Augustus 2005

Don’t miss Angin and Kamu/Jij, a showcase of two contemporary dance performances jointly-organised by the Royal Netherlands Embassy and KLPac, which will be held at Pentas 2, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre on Saturday and Sunday.

Angin, a 30-minute contemporary dance solo, will be performed by Singaporean-born Amsterdam-based dancer Ming Wei Poon.  The piece was originally created in 2001 when Emperor Akihito of Japan visited the Netherlands (which caused resistance among the Dutch-Indonesian citizens and ended in fierce demonstrations).

It was the result of a colaboration between Japanese dancer Shintaro O Ue and Dutch-Indonesian choreografer Gerard Mosterd to break the historical tension between the Dutch and the Japanese cause by the war.  This autobiographical dance research alternates between Asian and Western images and movements.

Kamu/Jij is a 60-minute performance incorporating five dancers, five mosquito nets and a video beamer.  It recently premiered in the Netherlands and deals with the dual morals in the Indonesian community.  The concept and choreography was done by Gerard Mosterd. Jacqueline Algra was the dramaturgy adviser while the performers include Wendel Spier, Thao Nguyen, Loes Ruizeveld, Ederson Rodriguez Xavier and Ming Wei Poon.   The work takes a look at the recent Indonesian law that proposes to severely punish any public display of affection such as kissing.

The performance contains the unique projection of translated ancient. Javanese sensual Kakawin poems (epic poems written in Indian-derived metres) done to remind people of a simpler time when such laws were more relaxed.

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