Kompas  |  17 Oktober 2008


Indonesian public can again enjoy the work of Gerard Mosterd (44), the choreographer from the Netherlands. The man is preparing two new works, classical ballet “Mozart Ballet Variations” and the contemporary dance “Soup of The Day” volume 2. Both works will be performed at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, Sunday (19 / / 10).

The ballet dance is a response to classical music of the Austrian composer, Mozart, while the “Soup of The Day” is a free surrealist piece. “Like a soup, dance summarizes the everyday events that we experience. We do not know exactly how to put it in order, even chaotic, but it can be felt,” said Gerard in Jakarta, Wednesday (15/10).

Both dances will be performed by 20 dancers from the Lucy Ballet School Green Garden, Jakarta. In the “Soup of The Day,” he also integrated Western dance styles and some traditional dance archipelago, such as Balinese and Javanese dance. Why mixing various styles? “I like to dialogue European and Asian cultures,” he said. Gerard performed in Indonesia since 2002. In 2007 he collaborated with choreographer Boi G. Sakti in the performance “Paradise … a woman?” This Dutch-East Java origin choreographer is in love with the  plurality of Indonesian culture. “The plurality of cultural here shows the diversity of creativity,” he said.


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