Boi Akih

Jazz Singer

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Monica Akihary’s heritage is Moluccan, the music of Boi Akih is a prism of various roots and rays where colors and sounds come together within a strong compisitions foundation along improvisational passways. Boi Akih performs in different setups expanding from duo to a six piece band. Each of these configurations has its own sound due to the interplay of members searching for their own origin during an ongoing adventurous voyage.

Press Quotes

Rarely have a voice and a guitar sounded so full, so complete and nearly orchestral as on the new CD, Yalelol.  Defying category while playing a variety of styles, they are so well attuned to each other the two sound as one
[Klassieke Zaken February 08 – NL]

Brouwer plays sometimes on a prepared COncert guitar of Elio Martina.  He is playing without a over-abundance tone, than again in unisono with the vocalist in a punctual melodic line and specialy rhytmical strucures. What both musicians have in common, is a yet ever heard connection of jazz, modern classical music, experimental music, Indonesian gamelan and music from India. You don’t need time to tune in. What’s happening is a listening pleassure of beauty.  Sounds of Avantgarde from an Island far away.  Monica Akihary’s voice is a dark sounded alto, that reminds of a refined wood.
[Akustik Gitarre February 08 – D]

Boi Akih Voices of Shades. Something to cherisch.
[Jazz dec 07 – NL]

Both artists add now and than breathakingly in unison parts.  A true exquisite album has been released!
[Concerto December 07 – A]

Two elements, One essence.
[Beyond December 07 – NL]

As a live act Boi Akih is nothing short of sensational. With Brouwer, there’s no hint of flashy playing in order to impress.  What makes him so great, is his ability to suggest more notes than he actually plays.  With just a few carefully placed accents he creates a virtual groove that is felt in all corners of the room.  His collaboration with Akihary is almost symbiotic.  Hearing the two perform a complex ad-lib in perfect sync, sends a shiver down your spine.  Don’t miss them when they show up in your neighborhood!
[Ode Magazine December 07 – USA]

Brouwer has composed, for her extreme nimble and rich deepsounded voice, melodies, that doesn’t deny the creators of the European roots and who is familiar with the Moluccan inheritance.  Eleven enchanted miniatures are created this way. They raise the magical subdued spiritual power of the tropics and be in contrast with the Nothern breeze.
[Rondo Magazine December 07 – D]

From pure Flamenco to the blues from gamelan-motif to American tinged country or even from India, Brouwer’s acoustic playing swtiches between styles that sound completely natural, cleverly subtle and precise. The guitaris is the perfect match to Akihary’s warm veiled sound that endears, excites and at times gets carried away.
[NRC Handelsblad December 07 – NL]

Fabulous singing and masterly guitar playing in their own universe.
[Volkskrant December 07 – NL]