Sen Hea Ha

Artistic Director / Choreographer

Had a long historical background of dance with the traditional and contemporary Korean Dance that she had been studying since the age of four, with an emphasis on ritualistic dance forms and ceremonial expressions. She graduated from the Arts Department at Kyungsung University in Korea, and earned her MA in Dance Ethnology from UCLA in 1996. And she also received her MFA in Choreography & Performance at UCLA in 1998, where she was awarded Graduate Student in Dance from the National Dance Association.

As an Dance Educator, she has given many workshops & master classes of Korean dance/culture in America & Europe, and had a lecture position in UCLA, several universities of Korea. As a performer and choreographer, Sen Hea Ha has performed in variety of local and international venues. She has shown her work at the Kaleidoscope Dance Festival in Los Angeles, LA Women Festival, LACE’s Twisted Spring Dance Series & at LaMaMa E.T.C Theatre in New York. She presented her own contemporary work at Hammoniale in Hamburg and Munich, Germany. She is a holder of the Alma Hawkins Award for her choreography works. Since Sen Hea Ha was invited to Wuppertal, Germany in 1997 to study with Pina Bausch, where she had the opportunity to participate in workshop ant taught Korean Dance to the company.

Sen Hea HaSen Hea Ha performed in Peter Sellars’ Opera production “Le Grand Macabre” in 1994 and “Oedipus Rex/Symphony of Psalms” in 1998. Since then Sen Hea Ha had many meetings with Composer Gyorgy Ligeti and been extensively produced her works with Ligeti’s music, including “Lux Aeterna”, “Resurrection”, “Requiem”, “Works for Piano Etudes”, “Ramification”etc. In 1998 Sen Hea Ha was invited to choreograph and perform in Surakarta(Solo), Central Java and Makassar Dance Festival in Makassar, Indonesia. Her experience to the living atmosphere, daily social life and the world of arts in Java (Indonesia) has brought her exploring forms and dance techniques from various Indonesian ethnical backgrounds and has collaboration works with Javanese modern and classical-dance artists.

In 2000 and 2001, Sen Hea Ha made “Labyrinth” with classical Javanese dancers and performed in Singapore and Berlin. In 2004 and 2005, with young Javanese dancers, she creates “Wahyu” performed in Uijeongbu Music Festival and Modern Dance Festival in Korea as well as participated for Singapore Arts Mart. Her other works “Imperfection”, “Infinitâ” and “Bebrayan” performed in Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (GKJ). Her work “Wahyu” was shown at Concertgebouw Brugge, Belgium and “Infinitâ” toured to Holland, Belgium, and Austria in 2007, and “Infinita” toured again to Paris in 2008. . Sen Hea Ha was invited by Pina Bausch to perform her solo dance International Tanzfestival NRW 2008 Gala Concert, Dusseldorf, Germany. Sen Hea hopes to continue to work with Liegit’s Music in live.