Flames of Paris De Deux – La Fille Mal Gardee Pas De Deux


( At present soloist at the Bolshoi Ballet , Moscow)

Maria Mishina was judged the top female student at her class level in the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and awarded an Apogee Merit Scholarship for both of the 2005/2006 and 2006/2007 academic years: the fifth and sixth years of her training at the Bolshoi Academy. She danced many principal star roles in the extensive Bolshoi repertoire and is regarded as a living treasure of the younger Bolshoi star generations. As a winner of several gold medal prizes at International ballet competitions she is a worldwide eye catching ballerina gifted with pure, virtuoso and lyrical artistry. Graduated from Moscow state ballet school in 2009. Her ballet teacher was Katerina Bobrova.

The same year Maria was admitted in the Bolshoi theater. She is the winner of international ballet competitions: ” Tanzolymp 2006″(First place); “The young ballet of the World”( second place); 11-th Moscow international ballet competition(Third place),the special award of Galina Ulanova “Young talents of Russia”.


(At present soloist at the Bolshoi Ballet , Moscow)

After graduation from the Moscow state ballet school in 2007 Dmitry was accepted to the Bolshoi Ballet Comp any. In the few years that he is working with the Bolshoi Dmitry has danced many virtuoso principal roles. Dmitry is a winner of internationa l ballet competitions in Moscow (first place and gold medal) as well as in the competition in Varna.