The Nutcracker

12 – 28 December 2018




12-12-2018 | 20:00u
14-12-2018 | 20:00u
15-12-2018 | 20:15u
16-12-2018 | 20:15u
19-12-2018 | 19:00u
20-12-2018 | 19:30u
21-12-2018 | 19:30u
22-12-2018 | 20:00u
23-12-2018 | 15:15u
28-12-2018 | 20:15u


Schouwburg Lochem
De Kappen Haaksbergen
Singer Laren
De Meerse Hoofddorp
Theater Zuidplein Rotterdam
De Voorveghter Hardenberg
Speeldoos Baarn
Reggehof Goor
ZININ Nijverdal
Schouwburg Almere

The Nutcracker

An enchanting ballet for all ages in two acts. 

The Kiev Ballet or Kiev Modern Ballet was founded in 2006 by multi-award winning choreographer Radu Poklitaru. The company is internationally appreciated for its original, surprising and distinctly modern choreographies made with a sense of humor, great dancers and compelling theatricality. Young and old everywhere love this young company, as evidenced by standing ovations and critical acclaim. Poklitaru is one of the greatest modern choreographers outside Western Europe who shows that, in addition to perfect classics, there is also high-quality modern dance of international class in cities such as Kiev.

Radu Poklitaru's Nutcracker
Classic fairytale ballet restyled – About the premiere of this new Russian version of 'The Nutcracker', INTV Kiev reported: "Poklitaru proves that a metamorphosis from a well-known classic to a contemporary and striking performance is possible." Radu Poklitaru's very personal style of choreography is characterized by a mixture of many, both classical and modern, dance styles. Furthermore, he mainly wanted 'The Nutcracker' to be a fairy tale; everything turns out to be different than it seems at first glance. In Hoffmann's famous story, the girl Klara muses about love and happiness, and about her favorite doll, The Nutcracker. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stahlbaum, turn into the Mouse King and Mouse Queen after twelve.
The still young Kiev Ballet visits our country every year for enthusiastic, well-filled halls. “The rousing energy of the group is heart-conquering,” wrote de Volkskrant.