Travel to a country at war VII

Monday night-Tuesday morning early, 04-04-2023 01:13.

More than an hour after midnight. I'm still awake and writing. I hear several reverberating explosions in the direction of the Black Sea, far behind the theater and Primorski Boulevard. The war is now very concrete. I hear objects whizzing through the air. Several air raid alarms suddenly sound in the distance. Projectiles must have smashed around the city. I have the window open. Because the heating is too high and I can't set it down. Just now, my window vibrated due to yet another weft. Another loud bang. My room is literally shaking. The explosions in the distance don't stop.

The fireworks take about 30 minutes. At two o'clock in the morning: one of the dancers texts me asking if I'm ok. I confirm. He reports that all the dancers are ok and everyone has heard the explosions. He continued: "Unfortunately, that's how we've been living this way for the past year, we're used to it. We hope this ends with our victory. Then everything will be ok with us. Our air defenses are functioning fine."We end our chat with "Slava Ukraini! Geroyam Slava! Fifteen minutes later, an air raid alarm goes off. Again a number of explosions. Freaky if you know that explosive projectiles are fired at you from 100 to 200 kilometers away. Barbarism. The horrific and senseless consequences of this terror are well known.

Yesterday, Monday 03-04-2023, Odessa.

The rehearsal started late due to an air raid alarm. A new wave of Moscovite violence was feared today. A voice through the intercom of the theater reported that the work should be stopped immediately. Attendees must set themselves to safety. We descend to the bunker at the bottom. There was hardly anyone there. Every Monday is the weekly day off for all theatre employees. In the afternoon, eight dancers rehearse with me and my assistant Julia. In the large ballet hall, upstairs in the building. Of course, there is surveillance and technical staff. I don't follow the news for a while. The rehearsals take up everything. Julia sends me a card from the red alert app. In the red are areas that are expected to be ravaged by Moscovitic airstrikes today.

After the emergency alert, we can productively go through and clean scenes for several hours. In principle, all dance pieces are now performed correctly and with the right expressiveness. The short complex solo continues to need attention. Occupancy changes require adjustments. Only tomorrow and the day after tomorrow we have a few hours of rehearsal left. After more than four hours of rehearsal, everyone is well cooked. Hugs and to your room. Today I have less to say. Less writing time, a lot of other work.

To be continued.