Reis naar een land in oorlog XIV

10-04-2023, Alphen aan den Rijn.

With choir and ballet on the bus to Theater Castellum. Classic Dutch weather: endless rain. Quickly to the supermarket with a few dancers.

A lot to do.

Meet Jeroen Stout from Plastic Radio.

Interview at 19:00 with Gijs Groenteman in the foyer.

Soprano Alina Tkachuk and conductor Igor Chernetski join in briefly.

Julia Mitomi simultaneously runs the stage rehearsal unparalleled.

Meeting with the programmer of the theatre.

Sympathetic, experienced and calm man.

Fuworks film crew arrives and prepares the registration for next Sunday in New Luxor.

Fully occupied room again.

Work light remains on for the first five minutes after the start for unclear reasons.

The performance is running.

Once again a cheering, standing ovation from the audience and emotion when the Ukrainian national anthem is sung on stage. Overwhelming energy and emotion. I'm on stage too. Hold the flag. Conductor Igor Chernetski: “Gerard, you are also a Ukrainian”. Honorable Mention. I feel a lot for the freedom-loving Cossack soul of this courageous European country.

The second performance of the tour is over.

This independent production and tour is, I hope, put in the right perspective by critics. Photos: William Dalima.

To be continued.