Travel to a country at war XV

Yesterday, Tuesday, 11-04-2023.


Morning: lots of office work in Amersfoort.

Tight and busy schedule.

I'm bringing a MyPos mobile pin machine that we bought last week for the sale of our program booklets.

Unfortunately, this still doesn't seem to work.

The verification of ID documents takes too much time because of Easter.

Then by train to Gouda.

Meeting with programmer of the Goudse Schouwburg Alex Mooren.


Lunch at City Hall.

Goudse Schouwburg is sold out.

Powerful energy on stage and in the room.

Presentation goes smoothly.

Emotional reaction wave after the last Carmina Burana note.


Audience stands up immediately.

Prolonged applause and cheers.

Ukrainian national anthem causes extra emotion.



Wanted to meet my ex-conservatory dance teachers whom I invited.

However, an international delegation of theater programmers had to speak.

Thank you for coming dear Hanneke and Hanna.

I invite you as soon as I can for a nice dinner together.

Lots of love.


The bus ride from Gouda to accommodation near Deurne takes almost an hour and a half.

Next theatre: Sittard.

Photos: William Dalima Tuaselasatumalay


Carmina Burana by National Opera & Ballet Ukraine, Odessa.

Still to see:


Wednesday April 12
Toon Hermans Theater, Sittard (Sold Out)

Thursday April 13
Theater De Flint, Amersfoort (Sold out)

Friday April 14
Schouwburg De Harmonie, Leeuwarden (Sold Out)

Sunday April 16
Nieuwe Luxor, Rotterdam (Also recording film.) (Last tickets still available)


To be continued.