Travel to a country at war XVIII

Friday, 15-04-2023.
Leeuwarden, Schouwburg De Harmonie.

By train from Deurne via Utrecht to Leeuwarden.

Sun-drenched, flat, agricultural landscapes with picturesque clouds as with the Dutch masters. Nice to be able to move work while traveling through space on your notebook. The Netherlands has a lot of beautiful area.

Lunch in Leeuwarden. Again full hall high on the balcony. Eloquent acoustics and generous stage to move on. After last tone: catharsis. The audience immediately rises and is absorbed in a whistle, shout and infinite, loud applause.

There is a large group of Ukrainian refugees in the room carrying the blue and yellow flag Slava Ukraini! Geroyam Slava! scan.

Strong emotions in the audience and on stage. The singers and dancers on stage react immediately.

The orchestra performs the national Ukrainian national anthem and with hand on heart there is solemn and impressive singing. The audience looks on with emotion.

Curtain closes, after which the theatergoers leave for the foyer under a buzz.

Deep embraces of emotion on stage. The theatre managed to get a large group of Ukrainian refugees to the performance. In a Meet & Greet upstairs in the theatre, the conductor and soloists meet these tearful compatriots.

The theater programmer expressed that he enjoyed the performance. After short conversations with visitors and acquaintances, I leave with a van back to Amersfoort.

Saturday working from home. Then last performance day and filming in Rotterdam where a Marathon takes up the city.

Still to be seen: Sunday 16 April: Nieuwe Luxor, Rotterdam

(Also recording film. Final cards.)

To be continued.