Travel to a country at war XXI

Tuesday, 18-04-2023.

Amersfoort-Utrecht-Sittard by train.


Ring the bell at the main entrance of the Toon Hermanstheater.

No joke: the employee who opens the door looks like a younger brother of the famous Sittard comedian.

Relax in an armchair of the production room.

Finishing contracts and payments.


Company in Japanese attire.

In the center of the stage a huge wooden Japanese Temple-like construction by Karel Spanhak.

The skeleton of the opera Madama Butterfly.

Again tonight with the exceptional soprano Yuliia Tereschuk.

Conversation with the theatre programmer and with singers.

The technicians are ready.


Outside sun but not warm due to easterly winds.

Performance runs smoothly and audience is moved, hearing the thunderous standing ovation, shouts and whistles.

Vodka in the artists' foyer before things are cleared away.

Return trip to accommodations in Deurne.

Tomorrow Heerlen.

Very last show and tomorrow also very last blog of this tour. 


19-04-2023 Parkstad Limburg Theaters Heerlen: La Bohème.

To be continued.