Travel to a country at war XXII

Wednesday, 18-04-2023.
Parkstad Theatres Limburg Heerlen.

Sunny day.

Have program booklets printed at the Bongerd.

The company rehearses on stage, a coming together of different line-ups.

Director Jean-François D'Hondt comes from Antwerp to oversee the direction.

Asparagus soup and sandwiches for all employees in the artist foyer.

Melancholic atmosphere because it is the last day that this company is in the Netherlands.

The hall is filled with opera lovers.

Overwhelming final standing ovation.

What a beautiful Mimi in Puccini's La Bohème.

Impressed by the whole team and in particular by soprano Maryna Naymitenko.

Special and again very emotional achievement.

Bravissimo for the National Opera & Ballet of Ukraine from Odessa.

Short aftertaste with Bas Schoonderwoerd and much shorter meeting with the newly appointed director.

Emotional farewell to the ensemble.

After the performance in 19 hours to the Polish border.

From there by sleeper train to Odessa.

Safe trip dear friends!

Slava Ukraini! Geroyam Slava!

End of blog April tour 2023, Dutch National Opera & Ballet Ukraine, Odessa.