South Borneo Art Festival

14 & 16 November 2018




November 28, 2018
November 29, 2018


Kalimantan Selatan

History of the South Borneo Art Festival

SBAF 2018 started as an annual event of art performances on the birthday of Kita Theater, South Kalimantan – every December 12. The event was organized by inviting various arts communities across South Kalimantan to perform as a birthday present for Kita Theater. The event usually takes place in the South Kalimantan Cultural Park.

The performance of cultural art staged at the time, for example, poetry reading, dance, music, theater, art installation and other South Kalimantan cultural arts. The event is repeated from year to year with different renewal efforts: started as a regular performance, then evolved into a festival with national coverage – featuring artists from outside Kalimantan, e.g. Jakarta (Institut Kesenian Jakarta), Yogyakarta, Bandung, Malaysia, France, etc. .

Not only cultural art performances that have become an integral part of the annual event, but also art workshops. In the year 2017, the event has evolved as it encompassed wider activities, artistic quality and social life. The development took place thanks to the support of a figure who is deeply concerned about cultural arts and proposes to hold the event at Kiram Hill, Mr. H. Sahbirin Noor. Because of the figure's incentive and encouragement, this event was subsequently dubbed "South Borneo Art Festival". And in this year, SBAF 2018 would involve art exhibitors and cultural performances from South Kalimantan, Nusantara (Indonesia) and abroad.

Hopefully, through the implementation of SBAF, we have contributed to the development of South Kalimantan's arts and social entrepreneurs. Amen.