Drzewiecki Duo (Piano duo Concert)

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Jekaterina Drzewiecka

At the age of six, Stanislaw Drzewiecki made his first concert tour through Japan, where he performed with the Symphony Orchestra Warsaw, the “First Piano Concert for Children” by Ilja Chkolnik (a Swiss composer).  The following year he performed Haydn’s “Concerto” with the Sinfonia Varsovia in Warsaw.

Meanwhile, Stanislaw Drzewiecki has performed in well-known venues such as London (Victoria & Albert Museum), Vancouver (Queen Elisabeth Hall), Vienna (Schönbrunn Palace), Talinn (Estonian Hall), Moscow (Great Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory), Copenhagen (Diamonds Hall), Porto (Palacia de Bolsa), Bergen (Philharmonic Grieg Hall), Paris, Brussels and many other cities.

Jekaterina has a very large repertoire to her name. She has performed in many European countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Great Britain, France, Estonia, Russia, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Poland. She has played in prominent concert halls with philharmonic orchestras and several conductor’s by name. Yekaterine has received several prizes and awards and has been invited to many festivals by invitation.

Yekaterina (Latvia) and Stanislaw (Poland) decided in 2010 to combine their musical talents and to continue as a piano duo.  Both have built up a large repertoire and have played around the world.