Natalya Pasichnyk (Pianorecital)

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Natalya Pasichnyk

Natalya Pasichnyk has had talented children in Lviv at a special boarding school for music; then she went to study at the Conservatory of Lviv. She graduated in 1994 at this conservatory.  Subsequently, Natalya Pasichnyk completed a postgraduate course at the Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw.  In 1999 she also completed a postgraduate course at the Royal Academy of Music with professor Staffan Scheja in Stockholm.

Natalya Pasichnyk has given many concerts in the USA and throughout Europe.  As a soloist she performed with the Swiss Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Lviv Philharmonic Orchestra and the Hamburger Mozart Orchestra; the latter was led by several conductors, such as Marcus Lethinen,
Jevgeny Svetlanov and Robert Stehli.

In 1998 she is the prize winner of the 5th Nordic Piano Competition (Denmark) and in 1999 of the World Piano Competition (Cincinnati, USA). In 2001 she won a special prize at the international Umberto Micheli Piano Competition (Italy). Her performances were broadcasted for radio and television, for example by the Swiss radio P2 and TV broadcaster TV4.

“Sunday afternoon”
Natalya Pasichnyk plays a broad and varied repertoire that includes music from different periods. Characteristic of Natalya Pasichnyk is the poetic way of playing.  There are several programs to put together, including a special program “Sunday afternoon”.